Schools International Library Cooperative ASIA

-- an EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools) affiliate --

SILC-Asia is an organization of professionals in the field of library science who are dedicated to the pursuit of greater cooperation and communication among international schools in the Asian-Pacific Rim region. The goal, as always, is to improve library service. More about SILC-Asia and its official archive.

SILC-Asia Listserv:

Join our Yahoo Groups! listserv to keep up-to-date with SILC-Asia members and messages. All international school teacher-librarians are welcome to join, whether their school is a member of EARCOS or not.

NB: SILC-Asia moved to Yahoo Groups! in May 2006; see the previous listserv archive for messages from March 2003 to March 2006

Once you've joined the SILC-Asia Yahoo Group!, you can access the Files detailing the consortium pricing available to SILC-Asia members, e.g., for Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Grolier Encyclopedia, and NoodleTools.

Annual EARCOS Conference:

See the EARCOS website for information about the next Teachers' Conference.

Current Administrators:

Ann Krembs, International School of Beijing, China
Stephanie Wallis, New International School of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Gabi Lautenberg, Morrison Academy, Taichung, Taiwan
Beth Gourley, Western Academy of Beijing, China
Katie Day, United World College of Southeast Asia, Singapore